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Burial Vaults

Traditional Burial Vaults

Did you know that the average backhoe weighs in excess of six tons? This weight, the daily grind of cemetery equipment and the constant forces of soil pressure reinforces the need for protection. To combat these forces, Doric manufactures one of the strongest lined concrete burial vaults in the industry today.

Doric vaults are lined with our exclusive poly-ribbed liners which are manufactured in our own facility under the watchful eye of Doric craftsmen to ensure every liner is consistent in quality and strength. The cover, where the forces are the greatest, is steel reinforced for added protection to an already premium vault.

An unsealed concrete box allows ground water to enter the container through drainage holes in the bottom and around the unsealed cover. (VAULT A)

Steel reinforcement, Doric’s exclusive Integra-Seal® which joins the lid and base, and thermoformed inner liner provided strength for the ultimate in protection.(VAULT B)

Traditional Burial Vaults