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A Guide to Remembering a Life the Way It Was Lived

If you know your loved one’s life, you know how to personalize the service.

With so many ways to personalize the service, how do you determine which methods best represent your loved one’s wishes? The simplest approach is to take a look at his or her life and remember what values and beliefs were most prevalent. The values your loved one held closely during their lifetime is a sign of what they would have wanted during the service. Here are a few concepts to keep in mind when personalizing your loved one’s service:

Religious Beliefs

When one abides by certain religious beliefs throughout life, it’s important to acknowledge this connection when personalizing the service.

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Relationship with Culture

Culture often links family and friends together. By keeping one’s cultural beliefs in mind, you bring out a lifetime of dedication.

Lifelong Hobbies

Photography, Poetry Collections – hobbies provide a great deal of insight into your loved one’s life. Look to these items to personalize the service.



Suggestions and ideas for making the funeral service memorable, personal and truly reflective of your loved one:

Tell the story.

One of the most special ways to remember a person who has passed away is to have beloved friends and relatives tell stories about their experience with that person. Sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, yet always enlightening, these stories area forever appreciated by the immediate family and are helpful in the healing process.

A tribute to see and touch.

Maybe he was a golfer or a little league coach. Perhaps she enjoyed the opera or tap dancing. Why not consider using his favorite putter, her favorite program guide from La Traviata, her worn out tap shoes or his lucky bat for an added personal touch? All these special items can easily become part of the ceremony and truly make a difference to those who shared a passion for these activities.

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A gift of music touches the heart.

The music played at a funeral need not be traditional. Most people have a certain style of music they prefer. Many even have a favorite song. Why not ask a family member, the church choir or the school chorus to honor your loved one with a particular song? Or, simply provide us with a favorite CD or tape and all in attendance can take comfort in the familiarity of the music.

A reflection of their personal flair.

Don’t overlook the casket as a means for personalization. With our wide selection of caskets you can select from a variety of shapes and sizes. There are woods and metals; some are ornate, some less adorned. Even beyond the basics, there are unique options for decorating the casket. We offer personalized panels, custom corners and a variety of interiors all designed to reflect the personal tastes of your loved one. For cremation, we offer everything from basic cremation urns to keepsake urns & jewelry. Depending on the type of service you select, we can assist you in making a choice that is meaningful and fits comfortably within your budget.

Making it even more special

Families often have photographs of their loved ones at special events, on family vacations, during the holidays, etc. In addition, technology has enables many of us to put together home videos and presentations featuring family and friends. These visual memories work well in enhancing the service and inviting an atmosphere of reminiscing and sharing.

Planning is preferred

Do you have any special preferences for your service? Do your family and friends know where to find it? Changes are they do, but remember, during a time of great stress, it may be hard for them to put their hands on the information. The single best way to ensure your special requests will be carried our is to make advance arrangements. Although a will is very important, it’s typically not sufficient in assisting with funeral planning. At our funeral home, we make it simple to make funeral prearrangements by taking the time to present all your options and making recommendations based on your personality and preferences. We’ll record each of your wishes and graciously keep them on file for safekeeping. It costs you nothing to make arrangements with us, though many families opt to also prepay for the services, ensuring the funds will be there when needed.

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