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Traditional Burial Options

When considering burial, there are several options. The most common scenario, when selecting a traditional funeral venue in our area, is to receive friends and family from 2-4 and 6-8, followed by the funeral tribute the following day, at the funeral home, church, or both, followed by a procession, to the cemetery, for committal ceremonies and final disposition. The casket is normally open on the day of visitation and may, or may not, be open for an hour directly preceding the funeral tribute. This scenario is a rule of thumb. Family size, the age of the deceased, or an untimely death in some situations mandates longer visitation hours and or days in extreme situations. You can count on our experienced and expert staff to guide you through every step of this process and pose questions that will determine answers, as to what tribute service and visitation hours are best suited for your particular situation.

The second most common scenario is to have the visitation and funeral tribute all in the same day. This option is selected for a variety of reasons: a very small family size to no living family at all, personal preference, family schedules, and cost, just to name few. Usually friends and family will be received for 1-2 hours prior to the funeral tribute. Families may or may not choose to go in procession to the cemetery for committal ceremonies. Committal ceremonies can be held at the funeral home for reasons such as inclement weather, elderly family members who would be unable to attend, time constraints, personal preference, etc.

Another alternative for burial is to have no visitation at all, but simply a funeral tribute at the funeral home or church. Committal ceremonies can be held at the location of the funeral tribute or after a procession to the cemetery. Some families may elect for simply a grave side funeral tribute or no type of tribute at all.

There are many decisions to be made when considering burial options. From cemetery to mausoleum choices, position of the grave in relation to other family members, casket preference, a burial vault, and monument selection, to name a few. Please feel free to contact us to address any specific questions you may have.